The Quality Management Officer and his tasks, benefits and costs

The Quality Management Officer is responsible for the implementation, realisation and management of the Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001. The focus is on various company specific tasks, which we would like to explain to you in the following.

What is a Quality Management Officer?

The Quality Management Officer (short QM-Officer) lays the necessary foundations for the establishment of a standard compliant Quality Management System in the interest of your company. For this purpose, he follows the current quality management standard ISO 9001 which has been in force since 2015. Although it is be possible to split the tasks of a Quality Management Officer internally between one or more people we strongly advise the appointment of an external accredited Quality Management Officer who is subordinate to the company management. He gets involved as an internal auditor, expert and coordinator in the important and right places and communicates at eye level. The term “Quality Officer” and “Quality Management Officer” as well as “Representative of the Top Management” stand for the same function and are often used synonymously.

Duties: what does a Quality Management Officer do?

The Quality Management Officer generally makes sure that the requirements that are defined in the ISO 9001 standard are met. The single tasks are being adapted individually to a company so that a standard-compliant Quality Management System can be introduced, implemented and maintained. In the following you find an exemplarily list of tasks and areas of responsibilities of a Quality Management Officer:

  • Structuring and monitoring of the Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard
  • Coordination of audits for an ISO 9001 certification
  • Initiating and monitoring of continuous improvement processes
  • Setting up an error analysis and developing a catalogue of measures
  • Reporting on the Quality Management System to the management board
  • Consulting the management board with regard to the quality management
  • Training of the staff in the area of quality management
  • Contact person for customers and employees in the area of quality management
  • Monitoring of complaints and processing them
  • Initiating a strategic quality documentation

Which tasks should we explain in more detail for you? Arrange an initial meeting with us now.

The competences of a Quality Management Officer

In order to meet the requirements of his role the Quality Management Officer in principle brings these necessary competences to your company:

  • Methodical approach: Structuring, planning and controlling of processes, conscientious and objective working, analytical ability
  • Willingness to cooperate: Ability to work in a team, leadership skills, willingness to compromise
  • Social skills: Appreciation of employees, empathy, conflict management
  • Knowledge of standards: Profound expertise and practical experience in quality management
  • Assertiveness: Discipline, perseverance, patience
  • Goal and results oriented: Strategic thinking, awareness of improvements, service and customer orientation
  • Willingness to perform: Initiative, reliability, imagination, trustworthiness

What are the benefits of an external Quality Management Officer?

Building a Quality Management System requires additional effort, time and a lot of commitment. How well could the task be implemented and the necessary work activities be claimed if you fill the position of the Quality Management Officer internally? Often companies have to realize over time that they have neglected the necessary tasks for a functioning Quality Management System. The alarm bells start ringing when a certification audit is due at the latest. A solution is needed: the externally appointed Quality Management Officer.

He advises your company as a service provider in the area of quality management. In order to do so, he brings in all his expertise and looks at your company from a new perspective. Thereby, any operational blindness on your part is either compensated for or avoided altogether. Your already existing processes are sometimes re-evaluated – if necessary – improved. Since the otherwise necessary costs for further training are eliminated, you reduce your personnel costs. In turn, own resources are relieved and productively used for the core business. Furthermore, externally appointed Quality Management Officers increase the acceptance of employees. The higher the awareness for quality management and the higher the acceptance, the more successful will your Quality Management System be.

When does the appointment of an external Quality Management Officer make sense?

Even though the role of a Quality Management Officer is extremely important for your company, it is no longer specifically attributed to a representative and instead delegated to the management board since a reform of the ISO 9001 standard in 2015. However, the tasks of a Quality Management Officer must remain and be fulfilled. If managers do not have explicit knowledge in this area, it is not only reasonable but necessary to appoint an external Quality Management Officer and to outsource his tasks completely.

According to the definition, the role of Quality Management Officer requires a specific professional competence and is therefore best taken on by a person who is appropriately trained. Practice has shown that it makes sense for a certified external person to take on the role of Quality Management Officer. The Quality Management System is thus implemented more effectively and can achieve better effects. After a successful ISO 9001 certification of your Quality Management System you can also prove this to your business partners and customers. We are happy to assist you in selecting an accredited Quality Management Officer in line with your requirements.

What does an external Quality Management Officer cost?

The external Quality Management Officer oversees and supports you practically and at fair prices. In general, you can expect a simple cost-benefit calculation as you only pay for what you need from a Quality Management Officer. The tasks are being agreed in writing with the external Quality Management Officer. This gives you financial security. Do you need advice on the appointment of an external Quality Management Officer? Get to know us in an initial meeting so that your wishes can be implemented safely and cost-effectively.

Your solution: an external Quality Management Officer for your support

More and more customers expect from you a competent handling of quality management. This explicitly includes the establishment of a Quality Management System according to ISO 9001. What do you think about getting support from an external Quality Management Officer? Together with you, we will find a solution for your company that meets your needs. We look forward to getting to know you in an initial meeting.

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