The Memex principle:
We think connected.

Principles are worth as much as the people who stand behind them. The Founders.

Christiane Nienhaus

Christiane Nienhaus is a fully qualified lawyer, certified Data Protection Officer and founding partner of Memex Consulting. Her clients particularly value her pragmatic consulting approach and her extensive experience from numerous IT and certification projects. Her areas of expertise are data protection in SAP systems, information security as well as quality management and environmental management in the manufacturing industry.

Stefan Priess

Stefan Priess is a business graduate, certified ISO 27001 lead auditor, risk manager and founding partner of Memex Consulting. He advises on all aspects of data protection and information security. His clients particularly appreciate his analytical consulting approach and his pragmatic solution proposals. He has extensive experience from numerous ISO 27001 information security certification projects. His areas of expertise are international data transfers, the energy industry, SaaS providers as well as information security and sustainability in the automotive industry.

Memex. Our Company Name.

Memex stands for Memory Extender: a universal principle of linking information. It was founded by the American engineer Vannevar Bush. In his article “As We May Think“, Bush describes the concept of Memex in terms of two “associative trials“ designed to prevent important informtation from getting lost in the flood of knowledge.

Vannevar Bush is considered one of the founding fathers of modern computer technology. The idea of a personal knowledge storage is generally regarded as an early precursor on the PC and was taken up by Microsoft in the MyLifeBits research project. The concept of networked information became popular many years later with hyperlinks and the World Wide Web.

According to the Memex principle, we think networked. This is the added value we can offer our customers: the ability to recognise the interaction of different factors, analyse their effects and draw the right conclusions. In our experience, the best results always come from working with our customers. When information is being linked. When we bring together our customers‘ experience with our compliance knowledge. When we develop sustainable solutions for complex issues.

“Associative indexing, the basic idea of which is a provision whereby any item may be caused at will to select immediately and automatically another. This is the essential feature of the Memex. The process of tying two items together is the important thing.”
Porträt von Vannevar Bush
Vannevar Bush

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