Competitive advantages with certified service quality

In today’s competitive markets it is more important than ever that you have world-class customer service. One way of demonstrating this to the outside world is through service quality certification. It gives you competitive advantages, e.g. higher customer satisfaction, better motivation of employees and much more. In this blog post we take a closer look at the benefits of measurable service quality and show you why it is so important for businesses.

Advantages of a certified service

Service quality is not only an important concept in the service sector. The idea of service quality is to design customer service and deliver services in a way that meets customers’ needs and expectations. A certified service quality gives customers the assurance that the service and customer service will be of high quality There are many different types of service quality certification, but they all have one thing in common: they guarantee a certain minimum standard. Certified service quality is particularly important for companies that want to offer their customers high-quality services. Certification provides a way for companies to measure their service quality and ensure that they meet customer expectations. Furthermore, certification can strengthen a company’s competitive advantage as customers know that they will receive high-quality service from this provider.

How does certified service quality give you a competitive advantage?

Every company that wants to be successful must offer its customers a high-quality service. Service quality is therefore crucial for companies that want to ensure customer loyalty and satisfaction. Through certified service quality a company is perceived by its customers as a competent and reliable partner. This not only increases customer satisfaction, but also strengthens your company’s image. Furthermore, good service quality can also help to attract new customers. Once customers are convinced of the quality of your services they will recommend your company to others – a real competitive advantage. In summary, certified service quality is a great advantage for any company. It strengthens the company’s image, promotes customer satisfaction and thus helps to win new customers.

What should I look for when choosing a certification provider?

There are a few things to consider when choosing a certification provider. First, make sure you choose a reputable and accredited provider. There are many providers that are not properly accredited and these providers may not be able to offer you the quality you need. Secondly, you should choose a provider that offers the type of certification you need. There are many different types of certification and you should make sure that you choose a provider that best suits your needs. Pay attention to the provider’s reputation and check references. Read reviews and talk to the reference companies to get an idea of the quality of the certification. Finally, consider the cost of certification. Some providers charge more than others. Check if the services are comparable and make sure to choose a provider that is economical and fits your budget. By keeping these points in mind, you can be sure that you are choosing the right certification provider.

How can you improve your service quality?

Once you are certified, you should set about improving the quality of your certified services. To do this you should first study the audit report or if the certification is dated back some time determine the status quo, e.g. via an audit. You should then prepare a quality improvement plan. To implement the plan you need to allocate resources and ensure that all staff know and understand the plan. After all, you need to ensure that your employees are properly trained and have the necessary skills to provide a quality service. Then you should regularly monitor the quality of your services and the implementation of your plan and take action to correct any problems that arise. The final step is to measure the success of the improvement process and ensure that the improvements are sustainable. This process is complex and time-consuming but worth it. Once you are satisfied, you should create a communication strategy to ensure customer awareness of the improvements.

Why is it important to maintain the certification of your service?

At its core, business is about building relationships – with customers, employees, suppliers and the wider community. An important part of this is maintaining trust which can be difficult in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace. One way to build and maintain trust is to ensure that your company is permanently certified. This sends a strong signal to your customers that you are committed to responsible and sustainable business practices. It also helps to distinguish your business from others that may not be certified providing you with a valuable differentiator. In addition, certification can help to strengthen the motivation of your employees and improve your chances of winning new contracts. Especially new customers look out for signals of trust, certificates and references which are a proven combination.


Certifying your customer service is an important step in gaining the trust of your customers and improving service quality. For the selection of the certification service provider they should set clear criteria and note that it is a longer-term decision. They should also remember to maintain certification so that customer trust is sustained and they can differentiate themselves from the competition in the long term.
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